Kyle Newnham

For Treasurer

Class of 2025

Kyle Newnham

As a fellow Corvian student, I will persevere through the challenges and hardships and overcome the difficulties that we may face during our time at Corvian. This will follow when I am elected as your Treasurer, whether to ensure that our funds are being used correctly, or to address problems that may occur during a fundraiser. When I'm elected as Treasurer I will make sure these problems are solved, and I will make sure everything will go as smoothly as possible. I have experience as a member of Student Council previously, so I know what challenges I may face.

Therefore, I would like to formally ask you to please vote for me as Student Council Treasurer. I thank you for taking the time to read this and appreciate your consideration.

Go Cardinals!


Fundraising Ideas

  • Monthly Spirit Nights at different places, including Frye's Roller Rink, Spare Time (A Bowling Alley), or Defy-Gravity.

  • Every two or three months, we could have a Raffle where you have to pay a certain amount of money to enter said Raffle.

  • Once or twice a year the school could participate in some sort of competition where you had to sell a certain amount of something to win a prize.

I really appreciate your vote!